Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Unionbank EON Visa Debit Card Journey - Activation

As you may have read, the application for my UnionBank EON Visa Debit card went smoothly. However that is not the case with the activation of my card.

April 14,2012, I went to the nearest UnionBank branch to change the PIN on my card. I noticed that UnionBank have less branches than other competing banks here in the Philippines. Once I arrive at the branch of my choice, I changed my PIN immediately though their ATM and it went smoothly. I then left the branch and night after I got home I registered my card online.

April 18, 2012 around 4:50 pm, I receive an email from UnionBank stating that my account has been successfully enrolled to their Internet Banking. I was glad since I should be able make my first transaction online. I tried to log into my account and it went through. For the first time I was able to see it's interface.

I searched the internet for online traders for my Liberty Reserve account. I need someone to convert my Philippine peso to U.S. Dollars. This should happen, I will transfer my the money from my UnionBank account to exchanger's UnionBank account and the exchanger should transfer fund to my Liberty Reserve with the appropriate amount.

I found a trusted online e-currency exchanger from, pcx_contact. Read review about pcx_contact here.

I tried transferring plentiful amount of money from my Visa EON account to the exchanger's Visa However, I was receiving "Transaction not allowed" message. I kept trying, however transfer was still in vain. I guess I need 24hours before my account would be activated.

The day after, April 19, 2012, I tried to transfer again but still it does not allow me to. I got UnionBank's Customer Service phone number and I called them. I stated my problem to the first CSR I got into. He put me on-hold for a while and the call got disconnected. I tried to call again and
 I explained my problem to the next CSR and I got put on hold again and It got disconnected after a while. I tried to call again and I was not able to because my phone ran out of prepaid credits. I was getting upset since I just loaded Php 150.00 for my mobile device which was all consumed by calling UnionBank. They don't even call back clients when call got disconnected. I reloaded my prepaid account and called again. The CSR told me I should wait another 24hours for my account to be activated. I was contented since my problem was answered. It should be resolved in 24 hours.

April 20,2012, I tried to transfer funds again, but still I got the same "Transaction not allowed" message. I tried again after a few hours, even after the 24 hour mark was over, still, the problem persists. I was very frustrated and I called their Customer Service again. The CSR created a report for me.

I was going to school when my phone rang. I answered it and learned that call was from UnionBank. They informed me that I should go to my home branch to resolve the issue. I was frustrated over the phone and I told the CSR that I received an email from them last April 18 stating that I should be able to transfer funds. I asked her why can't I do that and why should I go to the home branch to resolve the issue. It will be too much of a hassle for me to do that. However, she stated that she just called me to have me informed. Yes, I know that the CSR couldn't be much of a help and I said my goodbye to her. I know I won't be able to go to the home branch that day and for the week since I will be working from 10 am to 7 pm. The only time I will be able to will be on my work off which is Thursday and Friday. A week from this point. Even though I was frustrated I couldn't do anything.

About a week later, April 26, 2012, I went to my UnionBank home branch in Makati Avenue. I stated my problem to the lady there. She checked my account in their system and told me I shouldn't  be receiving the "transaction not allowed" message since the account is not blocked. She asked me when was the last time I tried to transfer funds. I could really recall that time and told her about a week ago. She gave me the number to that branch and advised me to call her if I would still receive the message.

Oh come on! Seriously!?

I was tired when I got home. I contacted my exchanger and I tried to transter again. FINALLY, the transaction went through! I was happy and made my first few investments online.

Know about my trusted exchange by reading my review here.

Learn where I invest by on my next post...


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I have a problem transferring money to my Liberty Reserve account and I'm getting desperate until I stumbled on this blog. Thank you very much for this information!

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