Thursday, May 3, 2012

The start of something good... my journey towards financial freedom!

Hi I'm Jc, a student at the same time working as a Technical Support Representative in the Philippines. I love my job as I enjoy what I'm doing.

As you may know everyone wants financial freedom. I'm one of the people who's searching for a method wherein they could earn money from the internet. 
I've been a member of Paid-to-Click site for years now. However, I was not an active PTCer (term I use to represent people who are getting paid to click) since I find the work very boring and I need to wait for each advertisement to finish their countdown timer and I not even earning a single dollar. There are success stories in Paid-to-click sites and I just discover them now.
I've been a member also of several Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies here in the Philippines but I really find it hard to approach anyone since not everyone are as open minded as me. Once they hear the word 'networking' they always presume that it would be a 'pyramid' and 'scam'. Not everyone is really willing to give out their money for products they don't actually use either. I'm really not into "recruiting" people as I find it really hard to find "prospects" with the last MLM I joined (selling pills and beauty product, meh!). I don't like the idea of pushing others to join the network that I joined just because I felt positive about it. In the end If I pushed too far, I'll have less friends.
April 2012, I search the internet (again) for money making online and i learned about High Yield Investment Programs. Night of April 11, 2012, I decided to apply to UnionBank PH EON VISA Debit Card to get things started with my HYIP journey. I started my first online investment with the amount of Php 10,000.00 or about $228.5 and I'm really happy about it. First progrm that I have invested on are Justbeenpaid, Royalty7 and last but not the least, Silver Structure. 

I have created this website/blog to help other people know the 'reality' behind online money making schemes like PTC sites, HYIP, MLM and ways to find lead to achieve maximum potential in every aspect of the program by providing my experience and observations. Hope you enjoy browsing this blog of mine.

Let's stay hungry and foolish! :) 




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