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Friday, June 22, 2012

Improve and Diverse

The act of improving; advancement or growth; promotion in desirable qualities; progress toward what is better; melioration; as, the improvement of the mind, of land, roads, etc. 
That is the definition of the word improvement according to Wiktionary. Investing in HYIP is like that. In case you got scammed, you just need to move forward and at least know the reason why the program failed. Maybe because It's been running for too long when you joined, or maybe there are no new members where they can get the payment for old members. What ever the reason, you at least have an idea what to do in your next investment. What important is to learn from our mistake or learn from the mistakes of others.

Maybe when you got scammed you're scared to invest more money. I don't think that's the right attitude when investing in HYIPs. Earning in HYIPs is fluctuating. Sometimes there's a gain and sometimes there's a loss.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 
It is important to pick several high potential looking programs and put small amount on each to minimize risk. So even if one or two program failed you still have several other programs to cover the loss. On the average you'll be on a gain. Don't dedicate all your resources into one thing.



Thursday, June 7, 2012


Nothing is permanent except change.
Change, It can be easy for some but difficult for others. I started investing online because I wanted change. Change in the way I lived. I don't have my parents anymore and I don't want to be a burden to my sibling and family relatives. It's not like I don't really have money but I wanted to be independent. Being independent brings more views in life. You can be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do and decide for whatever cross paths you might come into you along the way. You take your own path and your own destiny. (Oh, enough with the drama, please!)

Moving forward, changes on my posts...

The last few posts are all about the HYIP program monitors and payment proofs. Today, I have decided to put those down and to change the focus of the posts.

The reason for this would be, what I really want is to have a blog about how I earned bucks online and gained financial freedom, not to provide HYIP monitors and payment proofs. We have few forums and montoring sites for that already.

So What Now?

That would mean more articles! And yeah, monitoring and payment proofs posts will be gone (Yay!). I'm sorry if this would bring disappointment to some. However, I know what I want now. That will be to provide information regarding my experiences (Financially) online and to help others with their own journey through my best knowledge. This was my original plan with this blog and posting Monitoring and Payment proofs was great idea, I thought (Oh Silly me).

So expect more articles this coming days. You can view My Portfolio here. Ciao!


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